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Check out these articles for helpful tips, local events, and sometimes random tidbits I feel like sharing. If there is a topic you would like to see covered in a future post, just let me know.

How to Choose the Right Sized Light Fixture for Your Space

February 7, 2019


Lighting is one of the most important design elements in any room. Not only should it provide adequate brightness for the room, but it must fit the space and visual atmosphere. The right sized fixture is just as important as the look and construction of the light. Fortunately, even an amateur can choose the perfect fixture with some basic math.

Front Door

Outdoor fixtures are one part of creating the mood for the entire home. Not only should they provide proper lighting but must fit the scale of the door itself. To find the right sized light for the front entrance, it should be no more than one third of the size of the door or opening for a single light and not more than a quarter of the size for dual lights.


Dining rooms call out for a chandelier. Whether modern and sleek or an elegant crystal chandelier, the size is the same. Take the size of the room and add the feet together. For example, if the room is 10’ by 12’ the chandelier’s width should be 22”. Additionally, make sure the width is about 15” shorter than the dining room table.

For other rooms, the size is really more a matter of taste. The light should not create a visual barrier to the room or block design elements, but other than that, choose a light with provides good light and fits the style of the space.

Selling During The Holidays

December 13, 2018


The Holiday Season has arrived and many home sellers are concerned it’s the wrong time to
list their homes. The truth is that the holidays can be a great time to sell your home. Not only
does your home look more beautiful dressed up for the holidays, but buyers are often more
emotionally tied to the home because of it. There is no need to wait for the hectic New Year
selling season to list. There are benefits to selling now!

Lower Inventory – Typically there are fewer homes on the market; fewer homes means
less competition.

Serious Buyers – Buyers during the holidays tend to be more serious than at other times
of the year. Moving is not fun anytime of the year, but the holidays are particularly hard,
so buyers willing to do this are serious about moving.

Interest Rates are Still Low – No one knows what’s coming in the New Year, but for
now, Interest Rates are still traditionally low.

The Holiday Selling Season is here. Home sellers can capitalize on the slower pace, smaller
inventory and serious buyers by listing now. Deck the halls and offer a warm, cozy home to
potential buyers and take advantage of the season for selling your home now.

Key Differences of VA Loans vs Conventional Loans

November 27, 2018


Our service personnel and veterans give so much to our country. While they
sacrifice much, there are a few special benefits that only these service men and
women can take advantage of; one of the best benefits is the VA Loan.
The VA Loan differs from a Conventional Loan in a number of ways. While both
provide great interest rates for borrowers and are both backed by US
Government guarantee programs, this is where the similarities end.

Key Differences/Advantages of the VA Loan:

• 0% Down Options – VA Loans offer the option of a 0% down payment vs
conventional loans which need 10-20% minimum down payment.

• No Private Mortgage Insurance Required

• More Lenient Credit Qualifications – FICO scores are used for both
conventional and VA Loans, but VA Loans consider a lower threshold for
loans while still offering favorable interest rates.

• Can Be Used More Than Once – VA Loan borrowers can regain their
eligibility for a VA Loan without giving up their first loan. In other words, if a
service member wishes/needs to rent out their current home to move, they
can regain their eligibility and use the VA Loan Programs again.
VA Loans is a great benefit for our service men and women who give so much to
their country.

November 15, 2018


Thanksgiving Home Décor Ideas

Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season. While the standard pumpkins and
scented candles are a nice touch, there are so many other options for decorating
a home for Thanksgiving. Consider these interesting and unusual touches to bring
a fall feel to your home.

• Colorful Leaves – In most parts of the country, there are piles of fall leaves
in the front yard. There are a huge variety of uses for these bright leaves.
Gather some to use on the dining room table, inside candle hurricanes or
scatter along the mantle.

• Natural Elements – Decorations don’t need to be so obvious. Consider
using driftwood, acorns and pinecones to add a fall flavor to your home

• Fall Fruit – Lemons placed in a bowl have long been a staple in spring and
summertime staging. In fall and winter, change the lemons to a variety of
colors of apples. Everything from red to green and everything in between
adds a seasonal tone to the kitchen.

• Pillows and Throws – There’s no rule that says that one needs to keep the
same pillows and throws throughout the home all year around. Consider
fall/winter colors and themes to add interest to living rooms, bedrooms and

What are Contingencies on a Contract?

September 20, 2018


Contingencies are commonplace in contracts of all kinds. A contingency allows for one party or
another to legally back out of a contract in the event of some specific condition occurring.

They are protection against the unknown.

In real estate, there can be contingencies inserted for either buyer or seller or both. These
take many different forms and until removed in writing, either party may change their minds
based on the result of the contingent event or issue.

Some examples of home buyer contingencies:
• Home inspections – condition of the home
• Specialty inspections – mold, geological, roof inspections
• Code Violations – an investigation into improvements made without permits
• Lender appraisal – ensures the offered price is not too high
• Sale of current home – allows the buyer to back out if they cannot sell their current
home in specific time frame
• Final loan approval – loan is ready for signature and close
• HOA CC&Rs – review of documents to ensure rules and regulations do not infringe on
enjoyment of property
• Insurability – home owner’s insurance available at a reasonable rate

Home sellers can also have contingencies included as well, such as one which states the sale is
contingent on finding a replacement home. Contingencies are a fact of contract law. In real
estate, they ensure that the offer is concluded as expected.


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